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Leadership Development with a Coaching Approach

The intention of the program is to equip, enable and empower leaders with coach-like skills they can apply to their
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Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice Experience alone does not necessarily lead to learning; it is important to intentionally reflect on experience. Reflective practice
Business Coaching, Group Facilitation, Life Coaching, Ministry Work

Benefits of Coaching

Benefits of Coaching – part 1 I am a huge advocate for coaching and many would say, “yes, sure you
Business Coaching, Group Facilitation, Ministry Work

Team Coaching

Team Coaching Benjamin Zander, well known English conductor, met with Nelson Mandela on one of his trips to South Africa.
Business Coaching, Group Facilitation, Life Coaching, Ministry Work

The Privilege of Coaching

During a recent supervision session a thought emerged for the client about “what a privilege it is to be a
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Treasures of Reflection

Treasures of Reflectionby Debra Thurtell As I enter the month of DecemberI take time to reflect and rememberThe year as
Life Coaching, Ministry Work

Quiet Presence

Quiet PresenceBy Debra Thurtell Beautiful beautiful dayIf you could speak, what would you say? Forget yesterday,Don’t worry about the next
Life Coaching, Ministry Work

Beauty of Writing

Beauty of WritingBy Debra Thurtell The beauty of time to writeReflect restore reignite Pen and paper in handAllowing thoughts and
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Creating a Coaching Culture in Organizations

Having worked as an internal coach in a small/medium enterprise and now consulting as an external coach practitioner, it is