Business Coaching

with the focus on outcomes that provide lasting solutions to the client.

Partnering with organizations to co-create a coaching culture

“Simple but not easy. People think simple is easy, but simple takes a great deal of discipline.” Insoo Kim Berg

As a Professional Certified Coach I offer to partner with organizations to co-create a coaching culture within the organization.  

Having coached within the Solution-Focused Brief framework and worked in an Agile environment I learned how to combine the two approaches and apply these to many aspects of the organization. The Solution-Focused Brief Framework and Agile methodology have very similar concepts, values, principles and ways of working. Agility is a way of thinking and working, while the Solution-Focused approach is about solution building one small step at a time. They both support the concept that there is no “one-size fits all” solution to every problem.

Engaged Employees + Healthy Team Dynamics = Successful Organization

Business Development Coaching

When partnered with Solution-Focused Coaching, Business Development achieves greater success.

    • Culture, Values, Work Ethics and Strategy (Company Culture, Conduct, Competence)
    • Developing a Safe and Trusting Communication Ethos
    • Measuring what Matters – Goals and Performance
    • Defining Employee Roles and Responsibilities
    • Designing Employee Value Propositions and Retention strategies 

Leadership and Employee Development Coaching 

Coaching Individuals: Executives, Leaders and Employees

Coaching provides the platform for employees to feel safe to speak up, to learn, to connect and to grow, so that they become engaged and remain engaged in the organization’s vision, culture, values and goals. 

    • Attending to personal wellbeing and personal development (Personal Character, Conduct and Competence)
    • Supporting HR Managers in their role, caring for the employees
    • Developing leadership skills within the leaders and emerging leaders
    • Designing Individual Growth and Development plans – goals, career and role changes
    • Creating Life Balance tools that supports the individual to manage stress levels 


Team Dynamic Coaching

Team Coaching using the Solution Circle by Daniel Meier offers teams the opportunity to create awesomeness, to explore better ways of working together, to develop team cohesion and collaboration so that they can deliver continuous quality to the client faster.

    • Developing a Healthy Team Dynamics (Team Culture, Conduct, and Competence)
    • Building Team Cohesion
    • Improving Team Communication
    • Designing bespoke Team Performance Evaluation Systems
    • Coaching Change Management Initiatives

Corporate Agreements

It would be a pleasure to work with you and your team to discover how Team Dynamic Coaching with an Agile and Solution-Focused approach can make a difference in taking your business to the next level of success. If you are interested in any of the above coaching services please feel free to contact me to set up a discovery meeting to discuss how coaching may benefit your organisation. I offer various packages depending on the organization’s needs, the duration of the services required and to fit the organization’s budget.

ICF PCC Certified

EMCC EIA Senior Practitioner