Energy in motion

by May 26, 2020

E-Motion is Energy in Motion

Hearing many more clients and friends saying things like “they are working hard at being positive” while things are hitting them from all sides. Then in the next breath they declare that they are “really tired” right now.

Well, of course they are “really tired”. They are working hard at something. Emotions have been described as “energy-in-motion”. If I have negative energy-in-motion and need to work hard at it being positive energy-in-motion, I have to realise that it takes energy to do this and with things hitting from all sides I will become very tired.

Imagine driving a car

The way I can best describe this, is to imagine I am driving in my car. There are quite a few bumps in the road and things go wrong, like I may miss the turn off and suddenly I realise I am on the road of “negative energy-in-motion!” I decide I don’t want to be on this road and I work hard to turn the car around but the road I am on is not very wide and it takes me about 100-point turn to go in the opposite direction – the road of “positive energy-in-motion!”

I am in the car and I want to make a U-turn. It takes intention, action, and fuel to make a U-turn. I also need to have the right circumstance to make a full U-turn, in the quickest and easiest way possible. BUT that isn’t always possible and sometimes the situation or the environment won’t allow for a quick about turn and it may take me a 3-point turn or a 50-point turn or a 100-point turn. It still takes intention, action, and fuel but it also takes a whole lot more time and endurance, and therefore more energy to turn around to face in the opposite direction. It isn’t always a quick fix!

When making the about turn, I need to weigh up the situation and realise it may take more steps than usual. I see what is doable and what I have energy for and aim for that. I acknowledge that I may need to stop and reassess and may need to reverse slightly so that I can go forward again in the intentioned direction. These are the small, doable steps and actions that eventually will get me turned around.

Questions to provoke thought

What road do you find yourself on – does it allow a quick and easy U-turn, or will it take more energy, time, and endurance?

What are the turning points that you can focus on?

How will you know that you are making progress?

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