Interactive Healthy Team Dynamic Program

by May 19, 2021

Healthy Team Dynamic begins with Self-Management

The purpose of the facilitated workshop will be to provide employees with the opportunity to get to know themselves better so that:

  • They develop practical ways to look after their own wellbeing.
  • Create an awareness of healthy team well-being and how they can contribute to creating healthy team dynamics.
  • They design practical actions they can implement to maintain and sustain individual and team well-being.

Module 1: Self-Management to develop Personal Well-Being

  • Awareness of self: Getting to know yourself
  • Acceptance of self: Believing in who you are with an attitude of gratitude
  • Assurance of self: Being confident in one’s own abilities
  • Actualisation of self: Learning how to apply one’s talents and developing an attitude of growth

Hopeful Expected Outcomes could include: 

  • Gaining awareness to the importance of looking after their own wellbeing.
  • Getting to know themselves better, as individuals.
  • Gaining understanding and awareness to Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Discovering ways to cope during high stress environments.
  • Exploring practical ways in how they could bring their best selves to their teams within the roles they fulfil.
  • Creating realistic steps that each person could take to make a positive difference.

Module 2: Building Healthy Team Dynamic

  • Communication skills: learning how to communicate effectively
  • Boundaries: understanding what it means to set boundaries
  • Team Awareness: gaining insight into how performing teams are formed

Hopeful Expected Outcomes could include:

  • Measuring the progress/success since the first workshop.
  • Gaining Communication skills and developing social intelligence to better understand one another.
  • Designing practical ways to improve communication within their teams / relationships.
  • Gaining insight and understanding of the importance of Boundaries.
  • Designing practical ways to implement boundaries
  • Committing to realistic next steps to implement the newly acquired communication skills and understanding of boundaries
  • Learning how to have difficult conversations and preparing them for conflict management
  • Evaluating the team and understanding at what stage the team is at.

Module 3: Maintaining Healthy Team Well-Being

  • Motivational – The WoW factor
  • Motivation and Engagement – keeping employees motivated and engaged
  • Healthy teams: maintain Team Wellbeing

Hopeful Expected Outcomes could include:

  • Measuring the progress / success since the second workshop.
  • Creating awareness to what the team’s WoW factor is.
  • Designing their desired Team Culture.
  • Maintaining and sustaining the progress in team performance.

How to maintain the Employee and Team Development program going forward.

  • Introduce Individual coaching
  • Introduce Team Coaching
  • Continually update the program – continuous improvement
  • Continuously research innovative ideas and improvements

Facilitation Packages

If you are interested in the above facilitation services or would like to explore how we could design a bespoke solution to best align with your organisation, please feel free to contact me to set up an introductory meeting to explore how I could help you.

I offer various online and/or in-person facilitation packages to fit your organisation’s needs and budget

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