Debra Thurtell Coach Training Journey

by Jul 22, 2021

Debra Thurtell – Coach, ICF PCC member ID No.009064825I

EMCC Accredited Coach at Senior Practitioner Level EIA20220302


  • Team Coaching (EMCC TCQA) (current) – Solutions Academy
  • Comprehensive ICF PCC Marker Assessor Training – v2.00 completed (Dec 2022)
  • SF Coaching Supervision Course (2022) – Solutions Academy EMCC accreditation
  • Mentor Coach Certified (2021) – Solutions Academy
  • SF Coaching Masterclass (2021) – Solutions Academy
  • ACTP SF Foundation Certified (2020) – Solutions Academy
  • ACTP PCC level in Coaching (2010 – 2016) – Solutions Surfers
  • Introduction to Coaching Modules and Masterclasses (2007 – 2008) – The Coaching Centre

Coach and Leadership Training Experience:

  • Team Coaching course (EMCC TCQA) wih Solutions Academy (February 2023 to May 2023)
  • Comprehensive ICF PCC Marker Assessor Training – v2.00 (September 2022 to December 2022)
  • SF Coaching Supervision Course with Solutions Academy EMCC accreditation (March 2022 to September 2022)
  • Mentor Coach Training with Solutions Academy, 16 hours of mentor coach training (October to December 2021).
  • Solution-Focused Coach Masterclass with Solutions Academy with an additional 75 training hours and mentor coaching hours and 15 hours of self-study certification obtained in 2021.
  • Continuous self-study through various webinars and online courses:
    • Udemy Advanced Excel course (currently)
    • Solution based Counselling Certificate accredited, with 11 hours of training with Udemy in August 2021.
    • Adult Bereavement counselling workshop in Feb 2021.
  • Continuous and ongoing Coaching Supervision and Mentoring with Dr Svea van der Hoorn (MCC).
  • Solution-Focused Coaching Fundamentals ACTP with Solutions Academy with a further 67 hours of training and 10 hours of group & individual mentor coaching certificate obtained in 2020.
  • Solution-Focused Team Coaching workshop with Kirsten Dierolf in April 2017.
  • Solution Circle Team Coaching Workshop with Daniel Meier in 2015.
  • Solution Focused Brief ACTP – Pure, Plus and Pro training with Solution Surfers between May 2010 and June 2016 of 125 hours of training and 15 hours of group & individual mentor coaching .
  • Introduction to Coach Training Workshops and Masterclasses with The Coaching Centre (2007 – 2008)


  • Creating awareness to a Coach-like Culture within organisations, through interactive facilitated interventions and coaching.
  • Small Corporates/Start up Business Development Coaching locally and internationally :
    • Individual and team coaching based on the solution-focused brief approach, including the solution circle, experience in administration, finance, and HR development with regards to business strategy, business processes and best practices, recruitment, skills and training, performance.
    • Team dynamic development is my passion ensuring that teams work smartly, efficiently and in harmony while maintaining high standards of quality and productivity.
  • Personal Development Coaching (Life Coaching)