Personal Development Coach

to move the client from where they are to where they want to be.

Personal Coaching

Coaching the person so they discover their own lasting solutions!

The benefits of Solution-Focused Brief Coaching: The Solution-Focused approach is future oriented helping clients find their best way forward in the simplest way possible. The approach inspires hope for what could be better and increases confidence and motivation as we expand the discussion to create awareness of what is possible for the client. Being solution focused does not mean that we are problem phobic but to coach this way focuses the client on their desired outcome, while also looking at their strengths, resources and skills that will enable them to achieve this desired outcome.

What could you expect from a coaching agreement? The coach’s role is to partner with the client to build a safe and trusting relationship while listening with humble inquiry, asking powerful questions without judgement, acting as a sounding board, providing objective assessment and observations, challenging blind spots without attachment, and noticing emergent shifts in thinking that reveal fresh perspectives. The coach trusts their clients are the experts of their own lives and they have the solutions within themselves. This is the reason I don’t offer solutions to my clients but instead assist and support them to find their own solutions.  

Having observed many successful outcomes of Solution-Focused coaching I believe that it can benefit all people who are intentionally seeking change within their lives and their situations, because we don’t focus on the problem but on what the person wants instead.

I am not limited to these topics of coaching, however here are some examples of the topics that I have coached clients within: 

    • Seeking life balance and personal well-being 
    • Exploring and designing goals and realistic steps in achieving these goals 
    • Creating awareness to how to prevent and/or heal from burn-out – awareness to emotional, spiritual, mental and physical SELF
    • Desiring to gain fresh perspective on life-changing decisions to become unstuck and move forward
    • Discovering ways to cope and live with loss and grief
    • Finding direction within their career and/or business

Walking Coaching Sessions

I invite you to experience the many benefits of coaching while we walk in nature through the Vergelegen estate. 

Talking while walking” is therapeutic and gives healing to all dimensions of Self.

  • Spiritually connecting with nature.
  • Emotionally encouraging the endorphins to flow through your body.
  • Mentally clearing the mind and focusing your thoughts.
  • Physically exercising the muscles, strengthening the body, and oxygenating the lungs.

What better way to keep all dimensions of SELF in balance.

Coaching  Agreements 

If you would like to explore a coaching journey with me and don’t know where to start, please feel free to contact me for an introductory chemistry meeting. This is a free 20 to 30 minute session to get to know each other and to discover if we would be the right fit as coach and client. Or you could book a coaching session with me. 

    • I offer online virtual session or onsite sessions
    • Various costing packages ensure there is an option that best suits your pocket