The Power of coaching: How does Selfish become Self-care?

by May 13, 2021

Yesterday (12th May 2021) I was struggling with feelings of guilt because it seemed to me that my decisions and thoughts were based on me being selfish. I was trapped in my head with these negative emotions and thoughts and though I realised they didn’t seem rational I couldn’t free my thinking! A great topic for a coaching session.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be coached yesterday during our Masterclass. The timing was perfect and by the end of the coaching session this was MY statement: “It is about taking care of what is important to me and it is for this reason that I will safeguard whatever will keep me grounded, balanced, healthy in mind and body, content and at peace.” Instead of the word selfish I started to use the word self-care.

How did this amazing turn around happen in only 40 minutes of conversation?

I was provided an open, trusting and safe space to explore and to talk about what was in my head and my heart. There was no judgement, no telling me what I should and should not do but only a quiet space, a time to think, an opportunity to explore through powerful thoughtful questions and a deep attentive listening. Oh yes, and lots of laughter. These are the ingredients for a great thinking environment that ignites the mind so that intelligent thinking can happen again. This is the power and the benefits of great coaching with a Professional Masterful Coach – thank you Paolo Martins.

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