Values-Based Leadership Culture

by Nov 6, 2022

Values-Based Leadership Culture

Would you agree with this statement?
“An organisation is only as strong and successful as its employees and teams.

Would you agree with this next statement?
“An organisation’s employees only work as efficiently and as productively as they are managed by leadership of the organisation.”

Working within various organisations I have observed how leadership introduce more policies, more processes, more rules of engagement and performance tools in the hope that it will create an engaged workforce and productive teams. Nothing too wrong with this thinking.

However, when these don’t provide the desired outcome, the organisation may very often blame the policy, the process and management instead of looking at the root of the problem. People over process is an Agile principle yet when things go wrong we look at the process and not human behaviour. What is at the root of human behaviour? Very often it is personal values and an ethical sense of how they want to conduct themselves.

Simply going beyond

Effective Leadership x (Engaged Employees + Healthy Team Dynamics) = Successful Organisation

What is the secret ingredient?

Values-based ethical leadership

Very often organisations have an unspoken culture – unspoken values, moral principles (ethics) and standards. These unspoken qualities only start to emerge when something goes wrong or when a conflict arises because an spoken value or moral principle has unknowingly been transgressed.

Quite simply, it is an underlying value, ethical principle, a standard and/or a work ethic that has been compromised that very often leads to employee disengagement, poor performance, conflicts and potential burn out. It is as simple as knowing one’s values and ethical moral code and communicating these to others.

Simple solution

  1. What are the collective values of your organisation?
  2. How do you want to ethically conduct yourselves as an organisation?

Herein lies the potential solution to many of an organisation’s disengaged employees, conflicting teams, poor performance and burn-out.

What next?

The leadership of an organisation may ask; “This is all good and fine but once we have these what next?”

A simple answer is, “Live and breathe these values and ethics.”

Walk your talk and lead by example. The values and ethical principles should guide and underpin everything the organisation does; from designing policies and procedures, how to host meetings, performance management and all decision-making (critical and everyday decisions).

Firmly establised values and ethical principles provide much needed support to the organisation’s leadership. It creates a foundation of trust, consistency, transparency, safety and security.

If more organisations took the time to create and communicate a strong values-based ethical leadership culture they would have a strong foundation from which to build up their employees, create healthy teams, protect employees and succeed as an organisation.

Last thought-provoking question: What value can your values add to the organisation, your clients, your employees?

I thoroughly enjoy working within organisations to coach and support their leadership to build and develop strong values-based qualities. If you would like to know more about how we can work together please schedule a call.