Solution-Focus Facilitator

creating thinking environments.


Debra Thurtell offers facilitation services with a forward looking approach focusing on outcomes that provide life changing learning. These interactive sessions are inclusive, respectful to all and a safe environment that encourages participation and conversation. It is within trusting and courageous conversations that the best solutions are usually discovered because we are focused on a win/win outcome for all.

” Good character is built on strong values and moral principles.”

Interactive courageous conversations with small groups within organizations that include:

Healthy Team Dynamic Conversations

Facilitating group work to explore, equip and enable Employees to work well within their teams and the organization, covering these modules:

    • Employee Self-Management and Leadership
    • Building Healthy Team Dynamic
    • Maintaining Healthy Team Wellbeing

“Great Culture, like good character, is built on the collective strong values and moral principles of all employees. 

Leadership Development with a Coaching Approach 

Facilitating training sessions for leaders and managers who desire to develop a Coach-like mindset and approach to their leadership style:

    • Establishing Foundation
    • Building Trust Relationships
    • Communicating Effectively 
    • Continuous Improvement 

Conflict Management Mediation

Facilitating Bottom-line conversations to accomplish an amicable win/win outcome for all parties through a solution-focus approach:

    • Co-creating a Unity of purpose
    • Working towards a unified purpose – to create Harmony
    • Exploring individual grievances to discover the root cause of the conflict
    • Mediating conflict sessions between the conflicting parties
    • Designing the way forward to develop a way of working better together
    • Reviewing what is working and what is not working

Organisation Strategy Facilitation

Facilitating strategy sessions designed around the Client’s desired outcome for the session, which could include:

    • Designing or revisiting the organization’s Vision and Mission aligned to strategy
    • Exploring and Creating the organization’s Culture, including values and guiding principles
    • Identifying Senior Leadership Roles and Responsibility
    • Exploring successful Startup to Scaleup bespoke strategies

Group Work

Interactive courageous conversations with small private groups to explore:

    • Creating safe and trusting environments with family, friends, colleagues, small groups 
    • Coping strategies within personal Grief and Loss of a life you once knew
    • Retirement Series exploring what comes next in this new season of life 
    • Discovering who you are  by learning self-management to develop personal wellbeing
      • Choose Life series (Faith-based series)
      • Personal Wellbeing through Self-Management – Self Care

Facilitation Packages

If you are interested in any of the above facilitation services or would like to explore how I could facilitate your interactive sessions, please feel free to contact me to set up an introduction meeting to explore how I could help you.

I offer various workshops and packages to fit your organization’s needs and budget.